When in Paris, I don't always chow down at the Musée d'Orsay lunchroom.

But if I ever go one more time, I'd surely recommend the grilled cheese sandwich. Good old Croque-Monsieur, AKA grilled cheese and ham.  After a morning of appreciating impressionists and stuff, it really hits the spot. 

Does any of this trickle down to Art For Shacks?  

All I know is, I love grilled cheese sandwiches and ham radio and sure, how about those impressionists?

My taste in cartoons runs from old time Sunday funnies to postmodern art toons and lots of idiosyncratics in between.  Grew up on Mad magazine, and Gil Gildersleeve's QST cartoons both.  Drew strips and panels for 1980s alternative papers including the New York Press, Baltimore and Washington City Papers, San Diego Reader and more. Created editorial cartoons for the Beacon chain of Boston suburban weeklies.

Turn of the century I returned to ham radio, worked weekends part time at Ham Radio Outlet in Salem, New Hampshire, and by 2006 was drawing ham web comics Dashtoons.com starrring my hapless imaginary radio playmate Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham.

More to the point, I think QSL cards in all their forms are fascinating. And while some are, you betcha, more fascinating, the whole phenom of the final courtesy of a QSO is surely one of the more underappreciated sides of ephemeral pop culture.

As a kid I sent out plenty of those clip-art-from-a-lost-world cards with their flat top antenna towers, outhouse shacks, lightning bolts and little radio guys with giant heads looking pleased as punch.  I've got a big ol' soft spot for goofy vintage cards and love to recreate the look if that's what tickles your fancy, because it sure does mine.

Maybe what I enjoy most about drawing QSL cards is going back and forth with clients about their ham/life styles, to find out what energizes them.  Sometimes that's right up front, and other times it takes something of an easy backyard game of conversational catch, email or phone to begin to sort it out. I'm convinced most every ham has a very punchy, very personal QSL idea just waiting to be cajoled onto a card. Sometimes it takes a litttle time and that's FB with me.  Sometimes too you can't know until you make some sketches and mockups if you're on the right track. Maybe a couple of times over, no big deal.  Mid-course corrections are SOP with me. It's gotta be right.

Yes, I have my opinions about what looks good and if you scan my portfolios, you'll get a sense of that.  But that said, I enjoy working in a number styles and if you're in the ballpark with me, I'll do my best to tune what I do to where you want to go.