Not a sou to your name?  Not so much of a self-starter, but open to watching others work? Here's the land office business you've been waiting for - HamminEats, the restaurant chain devoted to making ham radio operators eat moreespecially if they're trying cut down. 

"Don't be bashful!" Every HamminEats new hire is programmed to relentlessly repeat that exhortation to tuck-in and chow-down. If they sense a customer is picking at his food, eating like a bird, or talking more than shoveling it in, they'll stage an intervention.

That's right, HamminEatsall-intern waitstaff is authorized to take  fork and spoon in hand and forcefully feed customers secondsthirds, one or two more cheesy potato boat platters for the road.

Many regular customers need no prompting.   And who can blame these spineless backsliders? With tasty HamminEats flagship fare like ear baked goods, featuring edible headphone cushions, hams of all ages find themselves packing on the padding like there's no tomorrow.

ALL-GUD Reviews recommend you buy-in early, because all the best locations are selling out fast, so act now and remember, it's risky to invest money but since this is a no-money down restaurant franchise, you're not risking one red cent.

And listen, should you ever tire of watching your interns flip burgers while you pocket big margin on the backs of your fellow hams, HamminEats'  Flipper Option allows you to flip out of the business easy as Shamu somersaults through a ring of fire and come up for a well-deserved Caymans bank run and a balance sheet smelling like a rose.

HamminEats...for a complete prospectus, look into some other gold mine, worry wart.    



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So go on.  Act now.  Buy that thing. Charge it. Layaway. Larceny. Whatever it takes. Life changing, remember?

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