Brassy Tack's DEBUT CQ

Are you anything from nuts to curious about QSL cards?


I'm Brassy Tack and I'm crazy about QSLs.  Vintage. Modern. Kooky. Cartoony.  All-Classy-Chassis. All-Artsy-Fartsy. Everything from Cookie Cutter to Drop Dead Gorgeous Bespoke Custom La-Dee-Do Dah.

Far as we're concerned they're all good, especially New Ones, and not a few are downright fascinating, just like the hams who swap 'em, collect 'em, put 'em in albums and plaster their walls with these 3.5 by 5.5 inch monkey business cards.

What's the appeal in this modern streamlined 21st century?

This self-appointed QSL afficionado chalks it up long have you got?  Yeah, who's got time to smell the roses these days, never mind ponder the mysteries of QSL history, and tales of the strange amateur radio agents responsible for these postcards time forgot, like the Brooklyn bridge jumper who became a QSL Old Master.

Then again, maybe you got the QSL bug. Maybe you already know about that bridge jumper and might like to know more, more, and still more about the final courtsey of a QSO and all it's shadowy culture, but for a few exposés, an unsung tradition of whimsical civillity virtually unknown to a brutish, uncaring, world.

Oh yeah.  Maybe you got the QSL bug so bad, you harbor thoughts of hiring an artist to custom draw your very own dream card, or in moments of truly reckless abandon, contemplate (gasp) designing your own QSL, without benefit of art school, all-black clothing, a goatee, or a beret, not so much as a Crayola to your name. 

Tut-Tut my good hams and SWLs.

No matter what vector of QSL fanhood you're coming from, you've arrived at the right place. Because at regular intervals this blog will be blooming with Brass Tack's cavalcade of QSL classics, exotics, rarities and doozies.  

Among many QSL topics, we'll examine what makes a Killa! QSL.  And yea or nay, you'll be welcome to chime-in and say amen or call bunk horsehockey.

What's more, time to time we'll feature Brass Tack's KILLA! QSL Design Tips, which you can put to good use and get your idea ducks in a row, whether you hire a pro or go it alone, you indy rogue rascal you.

Heads up QSLniks, cuz Brassy's GETTIN' DOWN!