Your Next QSL Card: A Quick Study

Ever wonder what the heck to put on your QSL card?  

it can be a mystery wrapped in a conundrum, never mind how to translate that major motion picture between your ears into a 3.5 x 5.5 postcard.

Here's the very, very short story – whether you buy your QSL off the rack, roll your own or hire a QSL designer. Whatever you do, screen our brief video and your head will be in a better place for making QSL decisions.

Are these THE rules?  Of course not.  But give it a play and THEN follow your QSL bliss as you will. 

Are these K1NSS rules?  Very sorta kinda extremely rules of thumb.  But like, does Art For Shacks sound like rules to you? Just as soon as we buckle down and eat more green leafy vegetables, we're gonna adopt some rules.

Until then, pass the candy corn.