We're got in big trouble with Bulldog for not picking up our Gotham SLUG tabloid back numbers.  Seems our night owl work/sleep cycle got cycled through to a more conventional pattern, such that we missed his wee hour sales window repeatedly this past week and got a taste of normal life, such as it is in this Hudson River community.

Could diet play any role in this ongoing unpredictable pattern of dayshift/nightshift reversals?  Our training table doesn't always include Sugar Pops and Ovaltine, but when it does, boy oh boy, nothing quite satisfies, at least in the moment, as these two classic American staples

BTW, the Pops aren't sweeter and the taste is hardly new, yet their sandpaper texture still leaves the roof of your mouth roughed-up enough to absorb a whole can of shellac, if you were so inclined.

And the Ovaltine?  It dissolves in cold milk much better than it used to and tastes a little better, which must mean more sugar.  Thing is I miss the way grittier old time Ovaltine sunk to the bottom of your glass in a slurry, forcing one to dig it out with a spoon and chew up the granules, noisily, to the annoyance of everyone else at the dinner table.

And the Flameproof key?  I dunno I just like the way it looks and thought it looked cool in the company a couple of my favorite foods.

Better set my alarm if I want to catch Bulldog and collect my Slug before he shuts downs at 5AM.




PALS on an End-Fed Zepp

Well, the lot of us are out there.

Not all our pals are hams, but plenty are, making and selling ham and SWL stuff and generating  internet content besides RF and reception reports. We're all trying to make our indy ways in a great big weird world. Regardless of hobby, by golly I've enjoyed their support, so here's to them all – hams. SWLs, animators, cartoonists, editors and normal folk alike.

Last night was housekeeping, biz and reality-based.  A little more work on the new site and then lights out.  When I dropped by Bulldog's kiosk earlier this AM he was more sullen than usual, handing me my paper and muttering about New York City's proposed Hat Tax.   Always something down there. Bad Fish.  Hat Taxes.  Criminy!  Up here in Saugerties, we're fairly insulated from all that Greater Gotham hocus-pocus from Ho-Ho-Kus. Here it's Painted Ponies, really!  Have to get you pix.

Bulldog Paint Job

No need to pay Earl Schieb 99 dollars to paint any Bulldog when you have Photoshop.  Results in the avatar window. Got industrious and gussied up the whole Bulldog scene and will show it off when the site opens.  Still running on the Hydrazine of all-night coffee, so guess we'll pick up some groceries before lights out.

Lot done tonight!


Long night transferring QSL portfolio graphics to the new site.  More than copy and paste cuz resizing's involved, plus I discovered I was not so far up the Squarespace learning curve and had to start over (!) after moving my whole catalog last week. Ah me,  so now it's 1/3 done right.

Nothing's gonna disappear at www.dasthoons.com any time soon, so anything related to our graphics services can be reference there as well, and the contact info remains the same for now.

Heck YES! we're taking orders for new work, trying to keep what's on the books moving along AND tying up the very last loose ends on the new site.  Exhausting, but busy is good, so away we go.

Gonna unwind now by, uh, by working more on ol' Bulldog and see about inking him out and slapping some color upside his head.