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What a long strange transmission it remains.

For many ham operators, radio is something that hit us upside the headphones.

It swept us out of ourselves in a overwhelming surge undeniable as a rip tide.

Might as well go with the flow.  Hey,  they say struggling just tires you out.

Over 60 years ago, not long after this snapshot of me and my first rig by REMCO,  I fully anticipated getting mixed up with amateur radio and possibly going pro.  

One couldn't help but hear the siren song.

Regardless of flavor – engineering, broadcasting, advertising, the gushing cornucopia of opportunity spawned by radio discharged a torrent of attractive benefits, inlcuding

  • Big money.
  • Instant fame.
  • Rock-solid security. 
  • Active social life.

No brainer, eh?

Well, you know how life goes,

As they say, "YOURS MAY VARY" and mine indeed took the long way home, as  electromagnetic turns go around the Strange Attractor of Radio.  

Somehow, by fat chance as much anything, I managed to write and produce local radio spots, write technical advertising copy, and work for a major aerospace manufacturer of EMI/RFI gasketing, much of the time cartooning for alternative press in New York, Boston, Baltimore/DC and San Diego, all the while keeping my day jobs.

And since I retired, it's come to this.

Funny, because ever since I was kid ham, I 've admired the work of QST ham cartoon master W1CJD, Phil "Gil' Gildersleeve and dreamed about doing just what I do now.

Took awhile.  But then, I was never too careful what I wished for.