K1NSS Xmas promo Puny Earthlings  72dpi.png

The burden was always on us alien life forms (AKA ham radio operators) to contact our favorite Earthlings and tell ‘em what we want. Kinda took the surprise and fun out of it all around, until now.

Just tell your Earthling to contact us and we’ll collaborate on a surprise gift greeting card just for you on nice heavy paper suitable for presentation on the big day. Then you get in touch with us and we’ll collaborate on your next QSL, done to your order after the holidays. So everybody gets into the creative act and you get exactly what you want - a custom QSL design drawn from scratch truly all your own.

No extra charge, all we ask is our usual $50 deposit to get the gift greeting card process rolling, $125 balance due at the very end when your QSL design is done to your satisfaction.