Some Dash!Chums have been wondering what's to become of good old, so we thought we'd address that.  This newly-activated portal is one way you can access our old site, which we have designated as our archive.

Rather than sort out all our old schtick, the path of least resistance was leave it more or less intact and give this irreplaceable treasure trove some dopey cliched nickname. And whaddaya know, DEEP DASHTOONS bobbed right to surface.

No big deal, you can always go there directly like before, same URLnow and in the foreseeable future.

Coming soon, we'll have some helpful links here for rummaging through that frankly chaotic cache, in addition to an ongoing, curated, retrospective of past work, something along the lines of what's below now.

So come on down, take a peek and pardon our dust, we're still trying out different deckchair schemes for this Titannic.   Kinda like a clubhouse all unto itself, a place to lay low, spill drinks, eat snack food directly from the bag and not worry about peanut shells and stuff.  I think Dash! may make it his own personal fort.

Just watch your head, don't fall down the stairs and don't worry about the silverfish , they don't crawl in your ear and eat their way through to the other ear.  No, that's earwigs.  Dash! said he sprays for them a lot with whatever aerosol cans he finds under the workbench. I trust him, he's ham.  As everybody knows, we're not like the others.

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The DFH Formerly Known as Sparks Barkley

Greetings From Mars 200dpi.png

Dash! was Sparks when I pitched him to QST.

Got a nice letter back, but no sale.  Then I tried CQ. And then Radcom. And after that there was essentially no other venue...except the World Wide Web, when was born in late 2005.