K1NSS: An Introduction


Perhaps you've come across my work in ham radio haunts.

Like CQ Magazine, K9YA Telegraph eZine, DXNews.com, 2018 Bouvet  Island Dxpedition Facebook page, QSO Today with Erik Guth, Begali Keys, Alpha Amplifiers & KB3IFH QSL Cards exhibits at Dayton/Xenia, Amateur Logic's Ham College, among others. Might well see our stuff on YouTube and the usual suspect social media. Plus my old cartoon pal Dash! reminds me, our ham radio humor site dashtoons.com.

I've designed cards for over 150 hams looking for a QSL all their own. Maybe not yet WAS or DXCC but the journey's been all good, New Ones and new friends alike

Besides QSL designs, my logos get out too. And my illustrations are all over the map, from the cover of ham murder mystery Zone of Iniquity by ARRL's Ward Silver NØAX, to ham author/CW Geek KB6NU Dan Romanchik's popular No Nonsense license study guides, and fun portrait awards for support staff stars of the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship.