BackTalk from our FUNNIES & FUN Ensemble Cast
Introducing The Prism of Ham Radio


With an ensemble cast as eclectic as ours, it's no surprise they have a lot say, given their peculiar constellation of agendas.

In Buzzy's case, his agenda is pretty straightforward - a hybrid all-night lunch wagon / discount radio parts juggernaut that's been a fixture in what was once lower Manhattan's fabled electronics district known as Radio Row, until the neighborhood was demolished to make way for the first World Trade Center.

Yes, that historic neighborhood was laid waste twice altogether and very little remains of the romance and electricity that was radio in the earlier 20th century - with the rather unusual exception of Buzzy Buzzer, who still parks his lunch wagon at the corner of Church & Cortlandt Streets, where from dusk to dawn he yet holds forth as the Night Mayor of Radio Row

BTW, Buzzy's call is W2.  That's it.  No suffix.  "Hey, what's up with that," you might query?  See, Buzzy is 120 years old. He was the first ham in the old New York/New Jersey radio district.

Compared to Buzzy, Tesla was an SWL.

Buzzy talked to himself from 500 meters up and down before all the copycats got in the act and radio was born.  He knew them all.  Edison.  Tesla.  Gernsback. Maxim.  Geek or star, Buzzy made it his business to be on a first-name basis with who was who in the glittering firmament of post World War One radio, from Major Edwin Armstrong to the A&P Gypsies.

They knew Buzzy and in good time we feel confident you too will come to appreciate the Masterpiece Theater that was and continues to be this singular Old Man's life and times.

Editors' note:

This is the first of many upcoming editions of Shackety-Yak. Stay tuned for more little video vignettes, plus longer backstories for those who lack text allergies.