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It took a bunch of decades, but the state of radio project art finally caught up with advanced critical thought behind why nobody has a clue what the hell is going on with anything anymore.

Sure, the above might bear some vague resemblance to your grandfather's crystal set,  but hey Bunky, that's only because it's NOT YET deconstructed!

Join Unca Iron Mike in upcoming episodes as he UNsystemmatically rips apart this paternalistic metaphor of a retrograde receiver and then does senseless things with the pieces.

Yeah, Iron Mike could milk this moo cow for months, but we'll keep him on a short cord, trust us. 

Funnies & Fun thanks Chough Solderettes for sponsoring ON THE MAKE with Iron Mike.

Say "CHUFF" and you've said ENUFF!

You know, building radios without real lead solder is for sissies. That's right, OM or YL, NO Maker wants to be a big dopey Baby Huey sissy. So build your radio with Chough Solderettes, made from real Cornish-mined lead and tin, now in a convenient pocket/purse-sized package so you can always be...on the make!