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Collect Rare K1NSS Custom QSLs

You may commissioned your own K1NSS design and exchanged cards with one or another of our singular QSL clients.

Or you may have simply collected a few in the past several years we've been drawnig these things and casually mused if you could ever catch'em all.  

Either way, what more appropriate way to preserve and protect your quarry than our Official K1NSS Collectors' Album.

This sturdy, standard, three-ring Avery binder is printed on demand by, featuring our mascot Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham in hot pursuit of that which rare and elusive,  one of our, so-to-speak, custom QSL butterflies, of which there is only one each in the whole wide world of three million hams.

Daunting, eh what?

Our designs have made their homes around the planet, so you'll need to shake, rattle and reheat that old ionosphere should you decide to take up the challenge.

Mind you, how my esteemed clients choose to dispense their cards is completely their business, not yours or mine. The designs are exclusively theirs, not mine.  If you haven't worked them, please don't ask for cards, and if you really did enjoy a real QSO, be a good egg and include an SASE with your QSL, after all, ham radio is the sport of gracious ladies and gents, right?  But of course.

Are we serious?  Yes, but in the usual spirit of Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham, it's with a serious measure of tongue-in-cheek, and you're most welcome to store your K1NSS custom QSL collection in a traditional shoebox, so please be assured no Collectors' Club field agents will call.