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Nothing succeeds like 1966.

Sources at Goodboys Radio Relay League say a new trading stamp scheme is in the wings sure to supercharge GRRL's provocative Grid Squarzappoin' Awards Program.

At last, hams can translate their mad operating skills into valuable merchandise!

While the idea may be older than dirt, GRRL has modernized and streamlined the array of premiums.  No more sleeping bags lined with pictures of geese and stuffed with shredded newspaper.  No more 10 cup electric percolators with an on-board convenience outlet for your curling iron.

Now it's shack luxury furnishings like disposable operating desk wipes embossed with your callsign, just five books of GRRL Grid Stamps! 

Or how about a flashlight that shines blue light anywhere you point it, only ten books!  Now enjoy blue light on your waste basket, your cat, your plastic scale model of Dragula!  Blue light.  It's not just for call letter ON AIR signs any more! 


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Where the short waves meet the shawarma.

Not only does New York City never sleep, it never stop gnoshing and building radios.  If you doubt that, then how do you explain Buzzer Radio Lunch Wagon? Since 1921, just as lower Manhattan's legendary Radio Row was building up a monster head of steam, nutsie-kookoo ham night owls have been haunting this wee hours neighborhood fixture for just what the doctor ordered.

Sure, hamburgers, hot dog, pastrami, Moxie, Nedicks & YooHoo, plus a complete middle eastern menu and that's only the fare you eat and drink! 

Somehow, Buzzy jams an entire radio parts supply house into his lunch wagon as well.  All the usual Gammatrons, transmitting variable caps and heavy porcelain standoff insulators.  But then tucked away behind the pita bread are three different varieties of crystal detector, plus honeycomb Coto-Coils in original boxes, I'm telling you.  It's so nuts you gotta go and ask to see his line of modulation transformers in your choice of colors.

Needless to say, Buzzy Buzzer is one in a million and we're delighted to count this Grand Old Ham as  as a K1NSS sustaining sponsor.  Won't you drop by next time you're Nighthawkin' bright lights big city?

I'm telling you.  Again.




It's not your crazy uncle's shortwave this time around.

March 2018 comes in with Voice of Rfchokia, that feisty breakaway republic formerly known as South Pottsyl-something or other, unleashing a broad-spectrum media assault  beamed directly at North America on the international shortwave bands..

Old shortwave hands poo-poo VOR's strategic plan, to which Rfchokian strongham President Almighty Vlad replied "Your mothers eat skunk cabbage," vowing to pump up the power until Voice of Rfchokia comes in loud and clear on "every filling in your heads.

Perhaps most revolutionary is VOR's launch of direct shortwave TV service, as well as slow scan slide and film strip transmissions, in addition to shortwave radio shows, which VOR officials claim reflect a paradigm shift, from "Happy Station" to "Snappy Station."

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TIME TO TAKE OFF THE GLOVES..all thirty of them!

Hams need to recruit more aggressively.  Oh sure, amateur radio is enjoying a certain vogue, its turn in the sun, a real uptick in licensing numbers, but let's not become smug, complacent, and think we're so big that we can afford to let that old myth fester in the back of prospects' minds.

Yeah, that silverfish thing.

Don't know how it got started, but if you get a funny look when you bring up ham radio in everyday conversation, well, don't be shocked. If you look at the numbers, more than 80% of Americans between 5 and 85 believe ham radio turns you into a silverfish, or a silverfish-like creature, always scuttling out of sight to do goodness knows what down some godforsaken drain, basement, or crawl space. A full 80% of Americans do not want to become that ham. And this grim statistic can't be allowed to stand, if ham radio is to remain vital.

So deny it.  Debunk it. Refuse to acknowledge the 800 pound silverfish in the bathtub, and by refusing, make it not so. Little by little, if hams lock all those arms and legs and present a unified front, we can prevail.




Isn't it always the way?  An eternal staple of ham radio visual humor, the so-callled "Wife Hong" has forever embodied XYL exasperation since OMs first bought too many radios.  Oh, boy, now he's gonna catch heck!

The name referenced the notorious "Wouf Hong," early ham radio's corrective appliance applied to inept operators known as "Lids," in bizarre ritualistic ceremonies that continue to this day.


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Chances are pretty good you've heard the Earth is now flat.

But with all the new things happening in ham radio, chances are also pretty good you haven't heard about the new digital mode they're all running these days.

Wouldn't you know, our friends at Baba Yagi Radiosportronics in the breakaway Republic of Rfchokia are behind this trendy breakthrough in planar propagation – a novel way to shorten the distance between two points, instead of sending signals all the way around Robin's Hood barn of an old-fashioned globe!

FE8 makes extraordinary ham radio an everyday affair, thanks to its uncanny ability to retroactively contact any and all DX stations you simply forgot to write in the log!  What's more, FE8 will insert them in your log automatically,  and generate a genuine paper QSL, apparently modifying the very fabric of time and space.  With FE8, it's like your own personal Mandela Effect!  No wonder hams world-wide can't get enough of this game-changer!

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Greetings to all!

Approaching the holidays, it’s that time of year when this typically cold, damp, overcast, breakaway republic of root vegetables and hand made radios is perhaps its most beguiling.

Like a nation of Christos, Rfchokia’s entire population seems to wrap a heavy quilt about itself and assume a shivering  foetal position, anticipating the bone-chilling festive season of feasting and dancing with itself, even as it painstakingly builds the world’s last mass-produced hand-made short wave electronics.

Not a day goes by when some Rfchokian doesn’t comes up to me in the market and asks when I’ll be going home to spend more time with my family.

I reply that Rfchokia is my family!  Admittedly, this ex-pat American broadcaster has become a fixture at Voice of Rfchokia.  Seems like it was only yesterday I arrived on their doorstep with a demo reel and a Mason Adams voiceover tribute impression in my heart.  That was twenty years ago. And since then, whole new generation of shortwave broadcaster/super soldiers  has seized control of VOR studios at pitchfork point, eager to take my advice about establishing a TV presence in the 19, 31, and 49 meter bands.

Gotta tell ya,  this Old Shortwave Hand is pleased as punch he can still teach young turks new tricks.  And as long as we can keep them in gray market Marlboros, and Rfchokian Maxium President Almighty Vlad can pull off his Hail Mary Baba Yagi Martian Motel project, we expect to bring you many more dispatches from this cauldron of high frequency entertainment.  Stay tuned!

Canfield Canasta, Litz-Carleton Hotel, Rfchokia



Back talk from our FUNNIES & FUN PLAYERS


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You know it's hooey but you're hooked!


Ham Radio Reviews in a Safe Space


Not a sou to your name?  Not so much of a self-starter, but open to watching others work? Here's the land office business you've been waiting for - HamminEats, the restaurant chain devoted to making ham radio operators eat more, especially if they're trying cut down. 

"Don't be bashful!" Every HamminEats new hire is programmed to relentlessly repeat that exhortation to tuck-in and chow-down. If they sense a customer is picking at his food, eating like a bird, or talking more than shoveling it in, they'll stage an intervention.

That's right, HamminEats' all-intern waitstaff is authorized to take  fork and spoon in hand and forcefully feed customers seconds, thirds, one or two more cheesy potato boat platter for the road.

Many regular customers need no prompting.   And who can blame these spineless backsliders? With tastey HamminEats flagship fare like ear baked goods, featuring edible headphones, hams of all ages find themselves packing on the padding like there's no tomorrow.

ALL-GUD Reviews recommend you buy-in early, because all the best locations are selling out fast, so act now and remember, it's risky to invest money but since this is a no-money down restaurant franchise, you're not risking one red cent.


with IRON MIKE, El Jefe of Homebrew

Unca Mike's Xtal Set.png

It took a bunch of decades, but the state of radio project art finally caught up with advanced critical thought behind why nobody has a clue what the hell is going on with anything anymore.  

Sure, the above might bear some vague resemblance to your grandfather's crystal set,  but hey Bunky, that's only because it's NOT YET been deconstructed!

Join Unca Iron Mike in upcoming episodes as he UNsystemmatically rips apart this paternalistic metaphor of a retrograde receiver and then does senseless things with the pieces.

Yeah, Iron Mike could milk this moo cow for months, but we'll keep him on a short cord, trust us. 

Funnies & Fun thanks Chough Solderettes for sponsoring ON THE MAKE with Iron Mike.

Say "CHUFF" and you've said ENUFF!

You know, building radios without real lead solder is for sissies. That's right, OM or YL, NO Maker wants to be a big dopey Baby Huey sissy. So build your radio with Chough Solderettes, made from real Cornish-mined lead and tin, now in a convenient pocket/purse-sized package so you can always be...on the make!

Chough, the solder with a story.

Intrigued, eh? 

Here's the story behind Chough Solderettes, told by that 120 Year-Old Man you know and trust.


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EPISODE 1 -Was it the Egg Cream talking?

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