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International Coffee For The Mind!

Gottta hankering for a lil' somethin' insufferable?  Are you in a battered Leica 'n bow-tie adorned raffish old ex-pat kind of taking stock mood? We got a doozy for ya.  Yeah, one of those last name first name announcer types, holed-up where else but the Foreign Correspondence arondissment of Jeff K1NSS Funnies n' Fun!



Ben JS6TVU wanted to celebrate Okinawan tradition, so we brought together a Ryukyuan dancer, Bingata-styled floral patterns and a couple of Shisa door guardians hamming it up. Many colors, much fun!



3...2...1...we have KOWABUNGA!

Introducing our first QSL design for a tandem-surfing rocket scientist.

Ultimate A-OK to work with Ken N2WWD, an Adjunct Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology. Among other high-flyer/wicked cool pursuits, Ken is also an active contributor to ARISS, the group that guides amateur radio operation aboard the International Space Station.

Pardon our French math, but we don't know our Poisson distributions from our Poincaire conjectures.

Better check with Professor Ken about the formulae - all we know is there's an Easter Egg somewhere in there for all you STEM-stoked galactic hitchhikers, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.



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