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Dash!Reports sources at Jet Propulsion Laboratory just released this startling mosaic image relayed by the Mars Orbiter of a strange new feature never before seen on the Martian surface. Unlike the first Face On Mars, ultimately dismissed as an optical illusion created by light and shadow,  this peculiar geological formation appears to be wearing sunglasses and sporting a goatee if you squint.

Baffled planetary boffins are at a loss to explain the cataclysmic forces required to create these astonishing gorges and peaks that surely will turn the Grand Canyon into just another been there/done that mud puddle, especially if some wily oligarch just so happened to build a ham radio motel on the jaw-dropping rim of its chasms. Stay close to this site for more breaking news.


K1NSS makes custom QSLs, ham logos and graphics, fun, easy and affordable. Consider collaborating with me.  We'll sort it out together.  Review my online portfolios, including over 150 designs for an international client base of smooth operators, amateur radio clubs, DXpeditions, ham authors and entrepreneurs.


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Ever wanted to be your own boss?  Ever wanted to cajole, bully, and shame hungry amateur radio operators into eating a great deal more than they really want? Read our latest ALL-GUD review, a provocative, penetrating, pre-offering evalution of a turnkey sure-thing game-changing franchise!


Birth of the Phonenut.

Tired of equipment reviews that make a pretense of rigor and impartiality?  Us too.  Our All-GUD Ham Reviews pull every punch.  Everybody gets a trophy! The only word we know is "Perfect."  Tell 'em Jeff K1NSS sent ya.

Look into The Prism.

Intimate very short videos by our ensemble cast of outspoken ham personalities offering unsolicited advice about the hobby, where to spend your ham radio dollars and what to think about amateur radio in the larger scheme of things. Think TED Talksbut, frankly MORE self-serving, if that's possible.


Breaking ham news  might be an oxymoron but who cares, it's summer, right? Yeah, it's  too hot to care about much but gin & tonics and artisanal hot dog relish. So park your carcass, simmer down and please spread these rumors, this hearsay, this poppycock on the air and see how warped it gets after a few times around the world.



Yeah, another sexed up buzzword for Home Brewer and we're too OM to bother enforcing ham language purity. Iron Mike is a human soldering iron and pleased as punch to hector you about building radio stuff and making your own fun.  A bit much but a Good Egg just the same.

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Treachery of CLICK BAIT
Fake as Red Velvet Cake


You know it's a load of horse hockey but you just can't help yourself.  Yeah, these news briefs won't appeal to your Better Angels  but face facts. If your Better Angels had their way, you;d spend your life eating kale and waiting two hours after eating that kale before you went swimming..


As told to your 'umble 'am cartoonist by Hizzoner the Night Mayor himself 120 year-young Buzzy Buzzer of Buzzer Radio Lunch Wagon.  Better believe, Buzzy's been around the block, a real survivor who still parks his hybrid radio roach coach  at the corner of Church and Cortlandt and sells out all night every right..