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Nothing like specially-marked packaging to put you in a Merry-Happy mood. From cigs to 807 six-packs, everything is all the more festive when the packaging is marked with an extra-specially seasonal touch. And now that you're all in the Hammy Holiday spirit, take a gander at our SHOP! fun ham gift idea gateway. 


Tell the truth, I've loved madly both radio and drawing fun stuff since I was Jeff WN2EXW,  a Mad Magazine and QST-reading kid ham in 1963 ... and I hope it shows!


CUSTOM QSL CARD DESIGNS, DXped, club and product logos, print and web illustrations, all-occasion cartoons and fun portraits, my specialty is ham graphics.

Chances are, you've seen my work on QRZ, ham social media, and maybe in your mailbox.  I've drawn QSL art for over 150 operators around the globe. My logos have gone on far-out DXpeditions like the 2016 VKØEK mission to Heard Island.  From the KB6NU No Nonsense ham study guide series, marketing materials for Begali Keys and Alpha Amplifiers  to special awards for organizations like the World Radiosport Team Championship, I'm proud of what I've done. Chances are, you've seen my work at Dayton/Zenia, Visalia,  Friedrichshafen, and the Orlando Hamcation, among other places  gaddabout hams meet and greet.  That's the kind of specialized graphic experience I can bring to what you have in mind. 

I generally charge $200 inclusive for front side QSL art, logos, illustrations and fun graphics  Depending on work involved, it might be more, but that's very seldom the case and I'll honor my up front estimate. That's PayPal only, but you don't need an account, PayPal accepts major credit cards.  And most important to know, printing is up to you. More about this below.

No obligation, no desposit wanted to be on my waiting list. When I can actually start your job, I'll send you a PayPal invoice for $50 up front.  That paid, we'll go back and forth on email with mockups until we settle on a provisional design.  When all is completed to your satisfaction, I'll send another PayPal invoice for the balance, typically $150.  Along with a printer-ready high-resolution image file of your design via my file service Hightail.com, I'll send you a signed 8.5 x 11 photoprint of our collaboration postpaid in a nice, sturdy tube via USPS. 

A note about printing. QSL printers are best set up to customize your card back info and report forms.  My recommended printer is KB3IFH QSL Cards and I'm happy to forward a copy of your design file to Randy.  He does great work at fair prices with outstanding customer service.  Of course, you're welcome to use whomever you wish. I receive no benefit no matter who prints your cards.  My designs have been successfully printed by QSL specialists worldwide

Thanks for your interest.  See what I might draw for you and drop me a line. Consultations always free.

©2017 LB8DC

QSL design

I've created over 150 QSL card designs working closely with high-profile and smooth everyday operators around the world.

logo design

International DXpeditions, amateur radio clubs, organizations and businesses are represented by my logo designs.

©2017 VKØEK

print & web illustration

Popular ham authors including ARRL contributing editor Ward Silver NØAX  and No Nonsense License Study Guide author Dan Romanchik KB6NU selected me to create  book covers and illustrations.

all-occasion fun graphics

I also draw custom cartoon art for clubs, organizations and individuals celebrating  achievements and special events  including birthdays and anniversaries, even informal wedding invitations! Most often these are fun portraits such as this from a series of eight awards commissioned by World Radiosport Team Championship recognizing key members of the WRTC 2014 support team. 

©2017 WA1Z