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I’m Jeff K1NSS, originally licensed as WN2EXW in 1963.

I create original QSL designs expressly fitted to you. 

Art For Shacks by K1NSS is custom in every sense, personalized in style and spirit, with attention to detail seldom seen in QSLs of any era.

And it all begins with back and forth easy as armchair copy.

Very simple. You tell me about yourself, your ham/lifestyle, what moves you, and most of all, about the dream QSL in your mind’s eye.

I think over your input and we swap ideas. If you have specifics in mind, that’s great. But if not, no worries. We’ll sort it out together. And when we settle on a provisional design, you’re in the loop until you’re satisfied it’s done right. Changes on the fly are SOP, as they should be with custom. No surprises.

It’s a targeted approach, all about clients’ passions, professions, favorite things and fondest shack companions.

Splashy, subtle, whimsical, colorful and devilishly detailed, the work directly flows from the creative partnership my clients and I share.


Yes, all QSLs are the final courtesy of a QSO. For all that, there’s something to be said for something more.

Such is the Fine Business of stacked arrays, state-of-the-cool radios and maximum legal limit. And in that context, an Art For Shacks custom design couldn’t be an easier impulse buy.

You might ask, what about operators who run far more modest stations? And you might be surprised. That’s the majority of my clients, as well my myself.

Now, given all my repeat customers, I like to think they experience good value at this singular level of self-expression.

What could be more satisfying to share with your contacts?  And what keepsake could better share with succeeding generations the ham spirit that moves you here and now, captured 3.5 by 5.5 in-hand?

Yes, I do go on when speaking of this. 

All I can say is, I’ve been cartooning, illustrating and thinking about ham radio almost all my life. Since embarking on my Art For Shacks adventure, I’ve created over 200 bespoke QSL designs for discriminating operators around the world.

Straight up, this is my bliss.

What’s yours?

Perhaps time has come to share thoughts about your next QSL card, the one we might create together.

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Backstory :  Callsign of The Wild

Backstory: Callsign of The Wild

Backstory :  Uncle John’s Band

Backstory: Uncle John’s Band

Backstory:   Adventures in MesoHamerica

Backstory: Adventures in MesoHamerica




My ham graphics experience goes well beyond custom QSL designs ...almost to the South Pole.

Granted, I stayed warm at my workstation providing logo and promotional graphics for the historic 2016 VKØEK Heard Island Expedition. That's one of many opportunities for which I've been thankful, working with internationally-recognized DXpeditions, ham authors, events, organizations, media and manufacturers.

Brands like Begali Keys, Texas Antennas and Alpha Amplifiers.

DX teams from Bouvet to the Cocos to Asia-Pacific to Central America.

Writers like ARRL editor/author  Ward Silver, NØAX, as well as Dan Romanchik, KB6NU, ham blogger, CW Geek and author of the  No Nonsense License Study Guides.

Organizations like Four State QRP Group.

Events like World Radiosport Team Championship.

Websites like DxNews.com and Noiseblankers.com.

Plus ham media as staff cartoonist for K9YA Telegraph eZine, graphics for Ham College video podcasts by Amateur Logic, and Dashtoons web comics featuring my irrepressibly imaginary radio playmate Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham.

Click for full details on rates and how we work.

Then let’s talk about your next QSL card, your club plans, personal projects and special events.


copyright 2019   Jeff K1NSS